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Employee Benefit: Wellness & Happiness

Yoga & Meditation in Your Office

Office yoga and meditation for your employees can increase efficiency, decrease sick days and bring mental calm while increasing overall health. Yoga gives the mind a break and replenishes and prepares employees to complete their day. As an employer you have employees who are happier, more focused and better able to tackle their work. Did I mention employee retention and hiring too? 

For yoga in a corporate setting, I use extracts from yogi gurus like Krishnamarcharya and B.K.S. Iyengar. Krishnamacharya (and a predecessor Gune) brought us the idea of yoga for wellness as well as the Vinyasa and Vini styles of yoga. B.K.S. Iyengar spread Hatha yoga as many in here know and practice it today. Classes held in offices are geared toward wellness, flow at a moderate speed and are adapted for space and each individual. For more information on these yogis and their teachings click here


Wellness + Stamina + Focus


Classes Designed to Suit Nearly Every Office

We offer 3 office yoga and meditation class types. Which one is right for your and your business?

  • 30 minute: No mat or space requirement

  • 60 minute: Full yoga class with mats

  • 30 Minute: Guided meditation class

*Other Class types available on request



What are people saying?


Client Reviews

Paul D.

"I've participated in three office yoga sessions with Nadine and each one has greatly improved my day. She is very skilled at adapting the class to the needs and vibe of the participants, and pushes us just the right amount. She also navigates the awkward office setting with grace!"

Natalia F.

"Nadine's office yoga classes are accessible and adaptable. She brings  a vibrant and positive attitude, and meets all participants needs where they are. She has a consistent flow while her content varies from session to session. Thanks Nadine!"

Maya K.

"Office yoga sessions with Nadine were my first ever yoga experience and a truly amazing one...Each pose is explained in details and variations are provided for each skill level. Ability to practice yoga without mats and to stretch after a long time behind a desk is such a wonderful opportunity in the office. Cannot wait until the next session every week..."