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How It All Started

Office Yoga Seattle started when...


I left my office to bring these benefits into yours. My passion for yoga began when I was pushed into a Hatha yoga class to help stretch out my incredibly tight shoulders, hips and lower back. At first I found the class slow and the poses both challenging and confusing. I was pushed to continue going. After about 2 months I noticed my hips no longer hurt constantly and my shoulders were not as tight. Once I began coming to class regularly I also saw my stress reduce and my focus improve. My mind and body have been transformed because of yoga and I became passionate about it. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest I always appreciated nature, but yoga and meditation increased my appreciation and connection so I'm glad to be back home!

Hi I’m Nadine

I have been practicing yoga for over 7 years and am RYT 200 certified. I even had office yoga in my last office and experienced the benefits of it first hand. I fell in love with how yoga changed my life, so I set about to help others experience similar changes. 

 Why choose classes with Nadine?

After spending many years sitting in an office myself, I can relate to and have experienced office related aches and pains myself. These aches are what ultimately drew me to yoga, and I can help you work through them and build over time.

While living a hectic day to day life we find a need to release and let go. I use yoga to ground you into yourself and work away any soreness and tension from from the day. Meditation is typically guided. Our time may include breath work as well and it's all at your level. Even if you've never tried it.

Yoga helps me on a daily basis and I'm passionate about bringing that wellness and change to you. In my classes I follow your goals and needs, add a touch of lightheartedness and work to increase overall wellness. If you are looking for something a bit more high energy, I can do that. If you are looking for meditative or restorative, I do that too. Classes may include yoga asana (poses), meditation, breath work & more. 

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