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Find out more about my special events, workshops and the studios I teach at. 

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Rooftop Yoga at Anthem


Elements Wellness Center



8 Limbs Yoga Centers

Creativity Through Mindfulness & Games

Rediscover your creativity and be more productive through mindfulness practices, games that trick you into having fun, and writing exercises. We'll focus on actionable steps you can take from day one to increase your creative output and boost productivity in your life. 

Workshops held monthly with differing focus around creativity. September is Excuses - Group: Creative & Inspiring Games


Wednesday evening Yoga on the roof! What could be better than to release the stress of your day with a Hatha class designed to challenge you - then relax into a longer and yummy cool down to take you into your evening. 

Only $15 per person at 6:30pm on Wednesdays throughout the summer


Looking for a Hatha or Vinyasa class in your neighborhood? The Leschi/Mt Baker area has a new yoga studio and I teach here every weekday. Think of yoga with slower flowing movements and imagine pushing through honey as you flow - welcome to slow my slow Vinyasa class. If Hatha or beginner yoga is more your style I teach multi- level classes that really benefit everyone from beginner to intermediate. If you are looking to warm up your body and sweat before your workday - join me for morning or evening classes. 

Check the schedule and sign up:

Elements Wellness Center 


Join me as I teach a community yoga class at 8 Limbs Yoga on Capitol Hill. This will be a class to warm up our bodies, decompress from the week and prepare for a weekend of fun and relaxation. I combine well known poses with less well known and may throw in a few Vinyasa options too.  Friday, September 7th from 4pm - 5:15pm. Added bonus - this class is only $8!

Check the schedule and sign up:

8 Limbs Capitol Hill