How It All Started

ABOUT BAlanced humans
yoga & meditation

Nadine’s passion for yoga began when she was advised to try it for pain relief in her shoulders, hips, and lower back. She didn’t love it at first and frankly found it challenging in many ways! However she soon found that her stress and pain abated and her mental focus improved as she embraced the practice. Nadine learned that yoga can be helpful for anyone in any setting and became an instructor with the goal of helping others live better lives. Balanced Humans Yoga & Meditation started with this in mind.

About Nadine

Nadine Blinn is inclusive, open and energetic. Her passion is to bring joy into the lives of others by reducing stress, improving flexibility and increasing focus. After her classes, Yoga and Meditation participants enjoy calm energy, and both physical and mental balance. She will engage you in a way that allows you to sink into yourself, while imbuing you with a spirit of mindful playfulness. Nadine will bring yoga and meditation to you at your office, corporate conference, residential building or special event. Her classes are rooted in a deep belief that yoga and meditation are accessible to everyone. Classes may include yoga poses, meditation and breath work. She makes the experience fun, attainable and refreshing for the mind and body.

Nadine is RYT200 registered by the Yoga Alliance and certified by 8 Limbs Yoga Seattle. Nadine loves sunny warm days, exploring nature and the world, and she has a sneaky geeky side that loves science and technology too. Nadine was born and raised in the Seattle area and previously lived and worked in Europe and New York City.