Office Yoga FAQ

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What is Yoga and meditation like in the office?

Yoga and meditation do not really require much, just your presence and a space in which you can sink into yourself. It's great if one has a mat, yoga clothes, etc. but this can all be optional too. I offer classes that cater toward a full yoga class for an hour or a more flexible class without a mat. Maybe meditation is the gig in your office so a quiet space where folks can breath deeply and let their days and lives slip away to be present in themselves for a few minutes. Not too many requirements, really just your presence!

Can i do yoga if I'm not flexible?

Yes! Everyone can do yoga from children to seniors. The level and depth of the poses or asanas will vary from class to class/ person to person, but most people can participate on some level. Unconvinced? Don’t take my word for it then, have a look at this article here.

do you teach anywhere else?

After practicing yoga for over 7 years I specialize in teaching yoga in offices because I know how it feels to sit all day. However I also teach Hatha & Vinyasa at two studios in the Seattle area. One in Leschi/Mt. Baker and one in Magnolia. For more information about out of office classes, please see: Classes/Studio and Workshop

What kind of yoga do you teach in the office?

There are many types of yoga and meditation. I customize my classes based on the attendees, space and goals of each class. Some office yoga classes are more intense by request and some are more meditative. I've learned to teach a very hybridized style of yoga that is very adaptable. For more information on traditional yoga and meditation styles and what my style is based on, click here

do I have space for yoga or meditation in my office?

Most offices have some space for yoga and/or meditation. Since a yoga class can happen in a conference room around a table, a disused space, between desks before or after work, etc. Most offices have some space even though they don't have a gym.