Which yoga & meditation class for your office?

All classes are tailored to ability level, space and goals.

My most common class types are listed just below.

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30 minute Class
No mat or space requirement

Need an easy way to bring new wellness benefits to your employees in the most accessible way possible? With the 30 minute start-to-finish no-mat-required class the poses do not require 'yoga attire'. Normal office clothes from  are welcome! Yoga asana and meditation are both a part of every 30 minute class and are open to all levels.

This class utilizes nearly any space in your office from an extra wide and unused aisle way, to any larger open space - even conference rooms with tables! We use the space we have in inventive ways to leave your employees feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. 

Please call or email to find out more!  


60 minute Class
Full yoga with mats

This is a more traditional yoga class. It is normally (not exclusively) held in a gym or larger size room with few or movable furnishings and incorporates traditional yoga poses and meditation. This class has mats provided by the employer or brought in by students. Yoga attire is recommended and every class is open to all levels. 

A 60 minute class enables students to leave with the same calm, rejuvenated and energized feeling as a yoga studio class. 

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30 Minute Class

Meditation reduces stress, increases focus, improves employee mental and physical health. Why not offer it in your office?

Each meditation class offers:

  • Custom guided meditation

  • Basic stretches

  • Essential oils and adjustment

Classes are customized to reflect the level of meditation experience and frequently begin at entry-level.

This class is great for offices with very limited space as well as offices large and small. 

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