Easy Home Spa Retreat

Enjoy the spa at home and 6 simple suggestions

It's fall and we're quickly heading towards winter. One of my favorite ways to stay warm and cozy by treating yourself to a bath. Sooth tense nerves and become more relaxed and balanced with the treatment of a spa treatment at home!

Frequently, a day at the spa is amazing, but it can cost enough that this is a very special occasion. Instead, feel a bit luxurious and unwind while saving a bundle by enjoying in your own home. Make it feel special, by pampering yourself a little and planning ahead.

Suggested items:

  • Bath/foot soaking tub

  • Candles/Dimmable lights

  • Bath bubbles, oil, salts

  • Lotions and soaps

  • Music or soft white noise

  • Face mask

Planning Ahead

Plan ahead and keep some essential items on hand so you are more prepared during the cold winter months. Buy or sample some bath bubbles or elixirs. If you workout try epsom salts to relive muscles. Keep some candles on hand that are small enough to fit around your bathroom. As you soak it’s great to have a few candles for ambiance and scent. If you have a small tray or box you can use that to store and set out all your bath needs at once. Have them packed up together to save you some prep time!

The light from a candle can’t be beat, so they are essential. I like to read old fashioned books, you know, the paper kind, so folks like me will need a bit more light. Dimmable lighting is a nice touch to have. If you don’t have one in your bathroom try a small dimmable lamp or check out my Simple Suggestions just below.

Scents can effect you in a positive way, so chose a scent to go with your mood or the one you’re trying to create. Anything from roses and floral scent to lavender or your favorite essential oil mix. Keep in mine you may already have some scent with your candles, bath elixir, etc. so think about whether you already have a scent. Unless you are good with scent mixtures, keep it simple and one is probably enough.

Soothing salts, hair and face mask

Soothing salts, hair and face mask

Speaking of scents, are you feeling a bit under the weather? Eucalyptus oil has a calming fresh scent and helps with respiratory ailments as well. It can be used in your bath or in a diffuser. If you have a cold or allergies this may help you breathe easier. If you add it to your bath, it is very strong on the skin so a single drop or two (max) is enough.

If you want to give your toes a treat but it's not cold enough for a steamy hot bath follow this next idea instead. Warm a thoroughly moistened hand towel in the microwave for 1 minute - warm but not too hot! Add a soothing scent it if you like and wrap your feet with it. Now sit back to enjoy.

Before you slip away on your spa trip: 
Get things in order before you begin pampering. Give the ol' tub a clean, and set out some bubbles, salt or whatever your elixir will be. Also get out a fresh, fluggy towel and candles, dim the lights and start your choice of relaxing music to set your scene. Once you have everything set up start the tap water, add the salts or bubbles and change into your robe. Any lotions or oils that you will be using can be set out now too. The changing period is when you can transition and walk into relaxation as you enter your spa. If you are doing a face mask start it now and read something pleasant or just listen to soft music. Once you’ve rinsed the mask, hop on into your prepared bath.

 Simple Suggestions: 

  • Save some cash and buy in bulk! If you like soaking salts, buy Himalayan rock salt in bulk and use it in the bath and exfoliate with it as well! If you love a particular scent or brand of bath bubbles, buy these in bulk too.

  • If you don't have dimmable lights you may be able to pick up a dimmer switch inexpensively at the hardware store and have someone with basic electrical knowledge install it.

  • The next time you are at you’re an outlet store, check out the candles there or pick them up on sale. You may choose to buy a few of the same scent so you can have them both lit at the same time

  • Coconut Oil is great for your skin and hair! If you have some in the kitchen that needs to be freshened up, use the preexisting one as oil for your skin and hair.

  • Face mask? I love a simple face mask made of finely ground oats and water. It smells nice and this mask will tighten your pores too.

  • Live in a dry area and have dry skin? Me too! My next bath will be with baking soda. It softens up that dry skin we get in the Northeast

Feeling like preparing your spa now? Then like this article, comment or feel free to share. Next week's post is coming in just a few days!