What is Fuzzy Forehead Meditation and How You Can Do It

Why is the fuzzy forehead meditation of interest to you?

It helps bring balance, peace, wisdom, creativity and concentration to each of us and is thought to be the entrance to higher consciousness. (Yes, please!) This meditation focuses on the 6th shakra, aka 3rd eye, aka ajna meaning to perceive/command in Sanskrit. The location of this ajna is above your brows right in the center of your forehead. When meditating on this area (thinking/focusing energy towards it) many folks, myself included, find that a tingling sensation frequently happens right at that point above your brows. I think it's good to note now that I'm not particularly spiritual so I will be focusing on the what/why/how.

Eagle Arms Asana & Fuzzy Forehead Meditation

Eagle Arms Asana & Fuzzy Forehead Meditation

I can tell you personally that I was drawn toward this meditation but did not really know why. Hence this exploratory blog post! I first tried this meditation toward the end of a yoga class where I was guided through it. Since this class months ago, I’ve found myself gravitating toward fuzzy forehead unconsciously. Clearly it must have been doing something for me since it simply became part of my daily meditation practice!

By meditating on your ajna it helps you see, both literally and figuratively. In yoga we hold and move from pose to pose and carry a drishti (Sanskrit) or yogic gaze, which is softly focused eyes and mind. An ajna meditation helps center your drishti allowing it to focus more intently in that moment as well as on a wider level meaning life, interests, etc. In our daily lives we are on social media with one rabbit hole leading to the next, constantly sorting through an endless list of tasks and generally juggling our needs and wants, so we need to re-align our focus. As this is realigned, trust in our intuition is rebuilt which helps us view the world without the filters of doubt, preconception and negativity. Instead we have the advantage of seeing situations and our lives as they really are.

Since this ajna really centers on perception correction your filters are cleaned out and less clouded, which in turn helps you see wisely with confidence and increased focus. Nice, right? It helps us just be who we are and to see and appreciate what is around us, which is a strong part of living mindfully.  For more about living mindfully, see Holiday Mindfulness Thoughts Collection. If you’ve been experiencing stress or negative thoughts, these can effect your judgement, perceptions and overall happiness.

How do you do this fuzzy forehead meditation anyway? Doing some yoga to stretch your body and relax (and focus!) your mind before meditating is very helpful. There are many stretches that help you focus your ajna, but I’ve listed 3 below.

 Recommended: These 3 poses help your ajna.

·       Eagle Arm Pose – See top image with thumbs placed just above the brow. You can do this with eyes open as well

·       Dolphin Plank Pose with praying hands – Use your (new) drishti gaze to feel connected to your praying hands

·       Warrior 3 Pose – maintain a strong downward gaze

Try the fuzzy forehead meditation yourself!

·       You may simply be able to close your eyes, focus on the center forehead above your brow and feel the fuzzy forehead effect. Tip: almost cross your eyes a bit even though they are closed

·       Have a lit candle sitting in front of you at about eye level, gaze softly at it as you allow your eyelids to close. Once your eyes are closed continue seeing that lit candle. If you lose this visual a few times open your eyes for a moment to view it again. I tried this with an orange Christmas tree light (brings me joy) and this worked too.

·       There are also guided and/or sound therapy meditations online that you can try to see what works best for you.

Other preparatory steps to try:

·       Try rubbing your hands together quickly and place your warmed palms over your closed eyes with your fingers facing upwards.

·       Eye rotations where you move your eyes slowly all the way around in a circle (think of a clock face), then go back counterclockwise as well. Do a few rotations on one side before switching to the opposite side.

 Did you try the fuzzy forehead meditation? How did it work for you and how did it feel afterwards? Let me know!


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