5 Insights on how a 30 min office yoga class can transform your tribe

Is a 30 minute yoga or meditation class worth it? Yes….

I know from my clients’ appreciation and faithful return each week. They find even short 30 minute yoga classes renew and motivate them so they feel better and work smarter.

Don’t just take my word for it though. I asked friend and mentor, Lauren Coles, author of ‘Teaching Office Yoga’ and CEO of Daisy Office Yoga in New York City to explain.

• How did you begin teaching 30 minute no-mat no-sweat classes?

It actually started when I was teaching yoga to a mix of general education and special education students in high school. We had 45 minute class periods, with no time to change, and kids with a mix of abilities, so the 30min sequence made sense. When I started an office yoga company, I came back to this method when I found some clients didn’t have a full hour or yoga mats for a traditional yoga class.

• What are the benefits to companies and participants?

Participants will noticeably feel good. The simple act of stretching and taking a break makes for a better mood. Companies will notice employees feeling appreciated, which will leads to more productive work days.

• Does 30 minute yoga work well for small size or start-up companies? Why?

Adaptive yoga works for anyone! But I find the 30 minute “conference room yoga” is something startups without a lot of free time tend to get the most out of. They may think it’s impossible to do yoga at work due to their busy schedules, and I love showing them how it’s possible.

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• What type of offices can use and benefit most from 30 minute no-mat no-sweat classes?

Any office can benefit from this method. It’s a great, non-intimidating way to introduce beginners to yoga. Many past students started doing yoga with this method, and have since become advanced students after exploring the practice on their own.

• Are there still enough poses to improve physical and mental wellness in 30 minutes?

Yes! Yoga is mind-breath-body connection. Taking even one or two minutes to be in your body has its benefits. With an experienced teacher, a 30 minute class can open up all the tense parts of the body that result from sitting. I wrote a book that has a whole section explaining the anatomy that is affected by sitting, and if a teacher concentrated on stretching just those areas, participants will feel noticeably changed.

30 minute classes as offered by numerous office yoga companies around the country. Shorter classes enables a wellness solution when time, space and money can otherwise be issues.

About Lauren Coles, CEO of DaisyYoga (daisyyoga.com). Upcoming: Daisy office yoga teacher training in NYC this August, with digital and live stream training available. daisyyoga.com/training

About the Author: Nadine Blinn, CEO and Teacher at Balanced Humans Office Yoga, lives and works in the greater Seattle/Tacoma area. www.balancedhumans.com