Your office - 5 Yoga poses - 5 minutes

Yoga in the office can seem a bit unattainable. It’s not easy to make the time and many of us are not sitting at our desks wearing yoga pants or you don’t want to break into a downward facing dog behind your work table. However, there are a number of super simple poses that can bring light back to stiff limbs and a sense of peace you may have lost after that morning meeting. 

It’s been shown that when we do yoga it improves our focus, decreases fatigue, relieves stress and improves creativity. 5 minutes of movement may not solve all your worries, but it is enough time to make a difference physically and mentally. With all these benefits doesn’t yoga sound like something you can take a few minutes for?

Try these 5 poses to help you come back to your body and boost your day.


1.    Take a moment to breathe. Alter your breath so you are taking deeper inhales and longer, slower exhales. If you stepped away from your desk (or are in an office) close your eyes and just notice your breathing. 


2.    Side stretch. Wake up the sides of your body with this simple stretch. On an inhale raise your right arm. On your exhale lean off to your left stretching and opening your entire upper body on the right side. Inhale up again, exhale and repeat on opposite side.


3.    Arms behind back. Bring your arms behind your back and interlace your fingers (palms don’t touch). Broaden chest by tucking in tummy and pulling arms downward. Shoulder blades move closer to your spine. Breathe here then relax for a moment keeping fingers intertwined. Inhale and bring your interlaced fingers up and away from your body. Elbows may be slightly bent or straight.


4.    Knee to chest. Gain your balance on the right foot and slowly bring the left knee up to the chest. Holding onto it with at least one hand. Your other hand may be used as support on a desk or table. Notice your posture and make an effort to stand up straight for more affect. Gently rock the left leg side to side to increase the hip stretch. Repeat on opposite side.


5.    ½ Downward Dog. No need to get down to the floor. Stand a good size step away from your desk or table then lean toward it so your hands are flat on the surface. Keep your legs micro bent and hinge from the hips forward into half dog while keeping the back flat. This pose is great for opening up your lower back and hamstrings. 

In just a few minutes of your day you can use your breath and these poses to briefly calm your mind, increase focus and lighten your step by adding new movement to your day. 

6.    Bonus tip! – focus on your breathing again for another minute. Longer if you can, but just 1 minute helps. Notice the feel of your nose, throat and chest as you inhale and as you exhale. Let your breath deepen and slow. Then, flutter your eyes open and head back to the rest of your day.

Thanks for reading! Please let me know what poses you like to do in the office and how these help you! Questions or other comments? Just drop a note. 

Breathe in – Pause – Exhale slowly

Nadine Blinn