How to find time for wellness in our busy lives

You want to start doing yoga and focusing on your wellness but so many things get in the way….

•    You have to be at the office early
•    You have a client meeting in the evening
•    You need to pick up the dry cleaning
•    You have to be home waiting for the repair person to show up


That’s right – you have a busy life and all of these things can seem to pile up and sap away that time you want to focus on your wellness and time you could be spending to practice yoga or meditate so I’d like to share some ideas I have for finding the time you need to focus on your wellness and thrive in life. 

Make a date with yourself
The number one way to ensure that you do something is to put it on your calendar and treat it just like any other appointment.  Schedule time into your day for you to meditate or practice yoga – block out the time on your calendar so you and others don’t schedule conflicting appointments.  

Get creative with who does your errands
Make a list of all the errands and tasks that need to get done. Now ask yourself if you need to be the one to do that errand or task and if not, then delegate! Getting help with some of the tasks and errands is a great way to free up your time.  Ask your spouse or a friend if they can take on that task.  Or you can hire a service or personal assistant to do those errands for you.  A favorite saying of mine is "Just because a task needs to be done doesn't mean you have to be the one to do it.” 

Map out your errands
After you have your list of all the errands that you need to run then plan your route so that you can do the least amount of running around town.  Map out a route where you can accomplish multiple tasks in one trip.  

Schedule your To-do’s
Just like putting an appointment on your calendar for yoga, schedule your errands and other chores into your day. Once you make that list and decided that yes, you are the one who needs to do it, then put an appointment on your calendar to go run errands and make those calls.  When scheduling your errands think about when you will have the least amount of traffic or when the location is likely to be the least busy.  Having a list and an appointment on your calendar also frees you up from constantly needing to try to remember all the tasks.    
Get creative with your schedule

Now multi-tasking your way to mediation or wellness might sound counter-intuitive but hear me out – do you ride the bus or subway to work?  Then you can spend 5-10 minutes of that commute to focus on easy meditation exercises. Or how about while you are eating lunch try being present and mindful of what you are eating.  Little moments like this can add up. 

Get creative with where you practice yoga
Still struggling to figure out when and where to fit in your yoga practice – How about doing yoga right in your office? Balanced Humans offers office yoga and office mediation sessions – brilliant, right?  Nadine comes to your work and you can do a session in only 30 minutes wearing your work clothes – seems like it is hard too not find time to do that.  

Remember that taking the time to focus on your wellness will pay dividends with the added focus and energy you will have.  Thrive on!

About the Author:
Danna Redmond is the co-founder of HeyThrivy, a service that helps people manage their busy lives.  HeyThrivy handles the errands and the urgent so you can focus on the important things in life.