New Year's Resolutions & the Saying "Good Things Come to Those Who Wait"

What links the coming New Year, your resolutions and a popular saying?


As some of the holidays have now passed, we all begin thinking about the coming New Year. Many of us make New Year’s resolutions. The coming New Year and a friend’s excitement about landing a long sought job offer led me to think of the old saying ‘good things happen to those who wait’. We’ll be taking a look at this in context of our New Year’s resolutions.

Every year we resolve ourselves to do that ‘thing’ or two that we have frequently been putting off. It’s a change of some sort that we really want ourselves to do and have not yet willed ourselves to actually accomplish just yet. You may be looking for that new job you know you can and should land for yourself, begin exercising more (yoga anyone?), take up an educational program, etc.

Once we hit the road running with our resolutions it can sometimes be a lot of work, so there is some frustration and a lot of perseverance that keeps us moving toward our goal. Keep in mind that good things happen to those who wait and keep working at it. Stay motivated, stay positive and know that you will get there, you just need to keep your eye on the prize. Frequently things don’t work out as you expected or planned, we all want that dream job to just fall in our lap, but life frequently doesn’t work out that way. 

As we work and strive toward our goal we need to have the flexibility to see that maybe we need to try different things to accomplish it or maybe we’ll attain it when we least expect it. Keep in mind your goal may change a little bit over time as you work toward it. This is key, there is a process to everything and sometimes we change what we want during that process. Notice this and know that changing what you truly want is not bad because you are seeing yourself as you truly are right now –rather than who you were. Pro tip: You may find yoga can be helpful on this journey because it cultivates flexibility of mind and body and nurtures a sense of accomplishment as you grow.

Sometimes things just work out in an alternate way too. My friend originally interviewed with others at her new employer and it didn’t work out, then met folks who introduced to her to the folks who did end up hiring her at said employer. Be flexible with yourself, know this is what you need for you and keep working toward it and changing routes until you find the path that works for you. Good things come to those who wait and work toward their goals.

In the meantime, happy New Year to everyone!

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