Office Yoga

Corporate Yoga & Meditation

When you and your team feel better, performance and productivity increase as does happiness at work and in life. Yoga and meditation reduces muscle tension and decompresses the mind. Simultaneously improve posture, confidence, energy, focus and calm as well as employee loyalty and pride.

corporate yoga class doing reverse prayer hands to stretch wrists

“My company contacted Nadine about teaching weekly classes…truly an oasis of calm in the otherwise hectic workweek”
Ivo S.

“Office Yoga sessions with Nadine were my first ever yoga experience and a truly amazing one…Poses are explained in detail and variations are provided for each skill level…Cannot wait until the next session every week and really appreciate all advice during and after classes!”

Maya K.

balanced humans office yoga class following guided mindfulness

What I Bring:

  • A relaxing and calm environment to join

  • Yoga class at the level of students

  • Guided 5 minute Savasana (rest)

  • 5 minutes of guided mindfulness ends every class

  • Ease back into the day with soothing essential oils

Mindful Leadership

Raise the psychological capital of your business through mindful leadership. Read more about the Harvard study in Inc. here.


What You Bring:

  • Rally the tribe to gather for classes

  • Space that could be a conference/board room, gym or other area. Flexible use spaces are often workable as well

  • Mats & yoga clothes are optional for some classes
    30 minute – no mat or yoga attire needed
    60 minute – full class that includes mats



Great news! Balanced Humans travels with up to 8 mats when you need them


Seeking approval for a wellness program?

Want to get yoga started in your office but you’re not sure where to start? The folks at Office Ninjas provided some insight here.

See how Balanced Humans can meet and exceed your expectations