Residential Yoga

Yoga & Meditation at condos and apartment buildings

By offering yoga and meditation at your apartment building you are building stronger amenity services and increasing social ties within the community. Treat your residents to an energizing and stress relieving twice weekly Vinyasa (flowing movement) practice or help them decompress, unwind and stretch into a slower pace, open to all levels, weekly class.


“Nadine is wonderful to work with! Here at Anthem apartments…She was kind, caring, professional and residents rave about their time with her”
Sara C.


What I Bring:

  • A relaxing and calm environment to join

  • Yoga & mindfulness classes at the level of students

  • Mats – I can travel with up to 8 mats!

  • Guided 5 minute Savasana (rest) and meditation ends every class

  • Ease back into the day with soothing essential oils

special event ideas

Try a special event with yoga and wine, mimosas or beer during or after class. Hold classes at an outside common space on beautiful days.

Rooftop_yoga_residential : Amin Sujan on Pexels

Rooftop_yoga_residential : Amin Sujan on Pexels

What You Bring:

  • Announce and encourage the class for residents

  • Provide space that could be a gym, common, multi-function area. I’m comfortable using flexible use space too

  • Mats & yoga clothes are optional for some classes

    30 minute – meditation only class

    60 minute – full class


Got Mats?

Great news! Balanced Humans travels with up to 8 mats when you need them


See how Balanced Humans can meet and exceed your expectations