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How It All Started

Office Yoga Seattle started when...

After a dozen years living and working in New York and abroad I returned to my native Seattle to bring my passion for yoga and its benefits to offices of all varieties. My goal is to ensure my clients receive yoga's benefits of rejuvenation, calm and focus.

After years working in an office all day, I noticed many folks (and me!) slouch as they sit all day. Our neck and back become tight. Our hips may become sore. Yoga helped me to break free of the office/ technology slouch. It brought with it a host of other benefits from which you and your employees can gain including:

  • Rejuvenate
  • Better posture
  • Calm
  • Focus
  • Stretch
  • Sense of well being

I left my office to bring these benefits into yours.

Who I am

Hi I'm Nadine 

I am RYS 200 certified and have been practicing yoga for over 7 years. I even had office yoga in my last office and experienced the benefits of it first hand.

My passion for yoga began when I was pushed into going to a Hatha yoga class to help stretch out my incredibly tight shoulders, hips and lower back. At first I found the class slow and the poses both challenging and confusing. I was pushed to continue going. After about 2 months I noticed my hip did not hurt constantly and my shoulders were not as tight. Once I began coming to class regularly I also saw my stress reduce and my focus improve. My mind and body have been transformed because of yoga and I became passionate about it. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest I always appreciated nature, but yoga and meditation increased my appreciation and connection. 

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