Office Wellness Through Yoga & Meditation

Forms of movement and an intense inward focus are facets of yoga that help office workers reduce stress, increase focus, creativity and lift moods, and generally make them better employees.  Yoga and meditation may help employees, but what are they? Why do they go hand in hand? Yoga and meditation are frequently practiced together because one comes after the other.  



There are many forms of yoga including traditional Hatha and newer variations like Bikram and Vinyasa. Western yoga is primarily thought of as poses (asanas) in Sanskrit. The poses may have been largely overlooked with the founding of yoga, but these poses have become increasingly relevant in the world today. Today we spend much time behind screens, active and busy mentally but not physically. In many ways one of the beauties of asana and yoga classes is that we are physically moving and stretching while our minds are focused, intently on our physical selves - the opposite of how we spend much of our other time. 


Some yoga is active and fast like Vinyasa, others are slow and methodical. In addition to the immense benefit of stretching and strengthening, all yoga provides time for each one of us to see ourselves for who we really are. There is no future and no past just the moment. This combination provides office wellness to busy folks, which makes your office happier, less stressed, more focused and self assured, and boosts creativity. Don't worry - you don't need to be fleixible, look good in leggings or have a certain mat either. 



Our everyday environment can be hectic but meditation brings with it a sort serenity amidst turbulent water. Like yoga asana there is only the present moment which gives many a feeling of relief and mental harmony. A focus on the breath and certain types of breathing help us relax. Meditation may sound easy or it may sound incredibly difficult. Guided meditation can help ease us into the practice and gracefully remind us to come back from our thoughts anytime they wander. This can all happen during meditation in your own office.

After meditating we tend to be calmer, our ability to handle stressful situations rises, we are less impulsive and happier with ourselves, our lives and what is around us. Yoga asana helps us feel more comfortable sitting to meditate and helps bring focus to our mind, then meditation moves us to accept what is around us, be grateful for everything we have and confident in what we can accomplish. A happier office environment is also healthier so sick days and insurance rates may decrease while productivity rises.

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