“Office Yoga sessions with Nadine were my first ever yoga experience and a truly amazing one…Each pose is explained in details and variations are provided for each skill level…Cannot wait until the next session every week and really appreciate all advice during and after classes!”
Maya K.

I've been to a handful of Nadine's classes and it's surprising how much better you can feel with just 30 minutes of yoga, best 30 minutes of my busy day!!
Wen W.


“Balanced Humans Office Yoga can greatly improve your workplace environment. No mats, no gear, and no work out clothes are required. It allows my co-workers to have a mid-day break to move, stretch, and relax. Sessions are catered to the needs of those who are in attendance and Nadine provides variations of poses that accommodates all levels of experience. Co-workers and I leave refreshed, calm, and focused to enjoy the rest of the day.”

Corinne M.


“Nadine has done a great job accommodating the different and unpredictable yoga needs of our shared office space. If you're wondering if classes can work for a non-traditional office environment…they can!”
Graham D.

“I love my sessions with Nadine from Balanced Humans. She's an amazing yoga instructor…The relief from her classes is so worth it. You will get tips to help you relax your muscles as well as other life balancing tips from her…”
Diana B.

“For many years, I was always slightly apprehensive about doing yoga as I had convinced myself that my body does not have the stretching capabilities that I believed were required…As a complete beginner, I learnt very quickly that Nadine could put me completely at ease. If I ever found a pose that was slightly challenging, she would always find another way. The end result of each session was feeling very relaxed, and then sore muscles the next day! …I completely trust her and her abilities and would recommend her any day!”
Jawad A.

“Balaced Humans is absolutely wonderful to work with! Here at Anthem apartments we hired her to host evening rooftop yoga sessions over the summer. She made herself available to our residents and really structured the exercises to really benefit them in the highest way possible. She was kind, caring and very professional with the office staff here. Residents raved about their time with Nadine. We are looking forward to this upcoming summer sod we can have her here again to spoil our residents.”
Sara C.