Seattle Senior Yoga

As we age, we can enjoy increased grace, experience and perspective. However there are also hurdles.

My senior yoga classes help those who are 50+ reduce the impact of these hurdles so participants are more comfortable in their bodies and minds. Yoga is not a purely physical practice, so it can be adapted for any- ‘body’. As we live longer it becomes more important to retain mobility and reduce muscle strains as well as reducing stress or anxiety, so seniors can continue enjoying life.

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Why Yoga for 50+?

Why Choose Senior Yoga and Meditation:

• Maintain physical & mental health
• Gentle guided stretching
• Increased range of motion and spinal flexibility
• Manage arthritis and pain
• Increase flexibility
• Reduce onset and symptoms of diseases like diabetes, cardio-vascular, anxiety and digestive issues
• Sleep quality
• Balance and stability
• Sense of community

Senior Classes

Yoga & Meditation ~ Yoga Only ~ Meditation Only

Class Options:

• Gentle Chair Yoga
• Gentle Mat Yoga
• Standing Only
• Custom Class Designed for Your Needs



Got Mats?

Great news! Balanced Humans travels with up to 8 mats when you need them



Ivo S.
The sessions are a perfect balance of stretching and easy yoga poses, which Nadine demonstrates. We use "props" for balance or assistance where necessary and after 30 mins.

Diana B.
She gives multiple options in the session for every level within the group. For those that have no experience in yoga she starts you out easy and for those that have more experience she gives them more advanced queues. Any physical limitations, no problem, she is very respectful of that and finds positions that will help your condition without causing any discomfort.”

Xu Q.
Very professional Yoga tutor. I and my colleagues join her class and some of us are beginner and some of us are more advanced. And all of us like her and we feel noticeable improvement from her class.”

Maya K.
”…sessions with Nadine were my first ever yoga experience and a truly amazing one. She is really passionate… Each pose is explained in detail and variations are provided for each skill level.”